Being a travel enthusiast, I landed in Dubai in 2009. Having a M.A in History from the Paris University and being diplomed from the Institute of Politics Studies from Paris (2002), I worked first for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs into their publishing and editing Dept. Thinking the human being will always need to communicate with each other in a precise and accurate way, I opened my first company into the translation and communication industry. Then I arrived in Dubai and created this company in the tourism industry since 2009.

Usually the question of why using the services of a professional tour guide is coming back. First of all to give you updated facts and figures about the country and the cities you are travelling in. Then to avoid to miss the places to be and the experiences to live. And to conclude to find someone able to share his own real experience in a country and to advice and create a tailor­made stay according your needs and interests.

1) We’re in love with travel
2) Travel unites us all
3)Our passion has become our job
4) The secret to quality of life ? Quality products
5) Our target audience is everyone
6) Share, travel, learn
7) Our 3 promises : choice, accesibility and knowledge
8) Your trust is earned every day
9) Our end goal : to have you as a customer lifetime. For that end, offering you the best experience in which discover and expand your horizons.